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Master of Advanced Studies

in Management, Technology, and Economics

The MAS ETH MTEC programme is one of the longest-standing and most successful management education programmes in Switzerland.

We offer a multidisciplinary and practice-oriented continuing education programme of highest quality providing key qualifications for management positions. A variable study duration and individual choice of subjects make it a very flexible programme appealing to an audience with diverse education objectives. It targets working professionals with at least 2 years of work experience.

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Swiss businesses are good process innovators

Switzerland’s economy is facing some tough challenges: technologies are developing rapidly, processes are being amalgamated both inside and outside production facilities, and business units are becoming increasingly interconnected. This means businesses need to constantly adapt. The issue has been taken up by researchers from the Chair of Strategic Management and Innovation and from the KOF Swiss Economic Institute, both at ETH Zurich. Read more 


ETH Day 2016: Award for Outstanding MTEC Lecturer

The ETH Day on 19 November 2016 was also the occasion to honour outstanding achievements of the year. Among the laureates is MTEC Professor Dr. Michael Ambühl, who was awarded VSETH's Golden Owl award for dedicated and excellent teaching. Read more 


Nuclear power: where to next?

Switzerland’s electricity companies, and in particular the operators of its nuclear power plants, are in poor financial shape. Regardless of the outcome of the Nuclear Withdrawal Initiative, the funding required for dismantling and disposal raises issues of state redistribution. Read more 


Anil Sethi Shortlisted for British Management Book of the Year Award 2017

From Science to Startup - The British Chartered Management Institute shortlisted the recent Book of MTEC’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence Anil Sethi for its 2017 Best Management Book of the Year Award. Read more 

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